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We Specialize in the Repair, Rebabbitting, and New Manufacturing of:

Motor Bearings, Pump Bearings, Turbine Bearings, Generator Bearings, Oil Deflectors, Guide Bearings, Guide Shoes, Trunnion / Ball Mill Bearings, Alterex Bearings, Exciter Bearings, Tilt Pad Bearings, Hydro Bearings, Fan Bearings, Taperland Thrust Plates, Thrust Shoes, Thin Wall Bronze Bearings, Gear Box Bearings, H2 Seals and Cases, Crossheads, Grinder Bearings, Compressor Bearings, Drag Line Bearings, Pedestal Bearings, Steady Rest Bearings, And many more…

The Babbitt Bearing Specialists!

Centrifugal / Spin Casting

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